1. 01

    After checking and recording the input amount of raw materials,
    raw materials are weighed on a scale, sprayed with an agi mixer,
    and each parts are put into the main kiln and mixed.

  2. 02
    Quality Check

    A test is conducted to see if microorganisms are detected in
    the manufactured contents, and semi-finished products are
    safely stored until microbial test results are released.

  3. 03

    The contents that have passed the thorough microbial
    inspection are moved to the smart factory and filled in
    clean containers with a hygienic smart engineering system.

  4. 04

    Pack the filled products in the outer box. Afterwards,
    LOT number, manufacturing date, and expiration date of the product
    are stamped, and the packaged products are put in carton boxes and
    delivered to consumers.